Troika Living enters Kelowna housing scene, promising fresh take on rental experience

Troika Management Corp., a leader in sustainable community development in Western Canada, recently launched Troika Living, a revolutionary purpose-built rental living concept, in Kelowna.

This new venture aims to set a new standard for rental housing, offering thoughtfully designed, sustainable homes that foster a sense of community among residents.

Troika has always been about building communities, but it is well aware that it is getting tougher for young people to be a part of the Kelowna landscape due to low vacancy rates and the high cost of living.

“Everyone deserves a place they can proudly call home—a place where they can connect, grow, and feel a genuine sense of belonging,” Troika co-CEO Brad Klassen says. “Troika Living embodies more than mere rental units; it represents the creation of a community that fosters enriching interactions and experiences.”

Troika’s rental developments at 500 Asher, 285 Dougall, 1110 Lawson, and on Barlee Road will bring more than 500 homes to the market over the next two years, tackling the city’s 1.3% vacancy rate.

Every Troika Living property is strategically located to ensure residents enjoy the best of urban living with high walkability and transit scores. The Dougall and Asher are situated near transit exchanges, Lawson is just a 10-minute stroll from downtown, and the Barlee project is close to Orchard Park Shopping Centre, which has both plenty of job opportunities and a transit hub.

Each property boasts features like rooftop patios, community spaces, fitness facilities and ample storage for bicycles. They will also have plenty of living space and high-quality features like quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, and include in-suite laundry to enhance livability and comfort.

Additionally, with options for both underground and surface parking, residents can choose what best fits their lifestyle.

There will be studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom options as well as townhomes, meaning there will be more options for larger families.

“We talk about sustainability here at Troika,” Klassen says. “That’s not just environmental. We call them the four pillars of sustainability: environmental, economic, social and cultural. We believe that Troika Living will reflect those.”

Even better? Pets will be allowed in Troika Living buildings, because it knows pets are a key part of families, and that families are a crucial ingredient to building strong communities.

Troika Living will roll out its leasing program this summer, but potential renters can register now for any of the four locations throughout Kelowna.

“The big thing is it’s about community. Troika Living is building sustainable communities and places,” Klassen says. “We have other projects historically that have been about the ‘happiest place on earth’ or ‘we love living here.’ We’ve always had a focus on community, and these places will be that kind of community as well.”

Learn more about the Troika Living properties.

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